Average Cost Of A Wedding In Jamaica
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Average Cost of A Wedding in Jamaica

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Average Cost of A Wedding in Jamaica

When my husband and I decided to get married a year ago, we agreed that we wanted to have a unique wedding that would not break the bank. For us, buying our first home was more important than getting in debt for our wedding. Many of our friends spent $15,000-$25,000 dollars for their wedding, and were paying for it years after the wedding. In fact, some wedding debts outlived the marriage!

So we decided to have a destination wedding in Jamaica. We discovered that destination weddings are becoming more popular for several reasons: They are less expensive, are more fun, and easier to plan. In fact, 25% of all marriages are performed outside the United States.

Destination weddings cost on average $1,000-$6,000, which is much less expensive than traditional weddings. In addition, the bride and groom can honeymoon after the wedding and have a great time. They are also more fun. Your family and friends will also have an opportunity to vacation during your wedding weekend. Couples can create a themed “wedding weekend” that includes entertainment and visiting tourist spots.

The most important reason to have a destination wedding is the ease of the wedding planning. Resorts hire wedding consultants to do most of the work, so couples don’t have to spend time worrying about hiring a minister, choosing plates, coordinating a reception, and other time consuming tasks that go along with wedding planning.

However, in order to have an elegant destination wedding, couples will need to do some research and planning. They need to book the right resort, plan a memorable wedding weekend, and help relatives book their trip. It is important to plan 6 months ahead of time in order to give your guests time to prepare and pay for the wedding.

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