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Breezes Bahamas Wedding

Popular Islands in the Bahamas for Weddings

Weddings in the Bahamas are truly memorable and incredible. You have many locations to choose from since there are quite a few of popular islands to get married on. There is Andros Island, which has Small Hope Bay Lodge with an all-inclusive package. The all-inclusive features: room service, free breakfast, restaurant, family rooms, resort, and meeting rooms. These features are the reason why this is one of the most popular islands to have a Bahamas wedding. It is located close to the world’s third largest coral reef, where diving is spectacular.

Another popular island to plan a wedding is The Abocos. Abaco Beach Resort and boat Harbor is located about seven miles from the Marsh Harbor Airport and Treasure Cay is only about 25 miles away. This island is popular because of all of the activities it offers, such as snorkeling, tennis courts, fitness rooms, and it has its own private beach. This island features room service, non-smoking rooms, kitchenette, meeting rooms, restaurant, swimming pool, fitness center, and family rooms.

One of the last most popular islands to have a Bahamas wedding is the Eleuthera Island. There is the Coral Sands Hotel, which is located approximately a mile from the islands of Eleuthera and about 20-mile flight from Nassau. This is a popular island to have a Bahamas wedding because there is horseback riding along the beach, scuba instruction, and there are car, bicycle, and golf cart rentals. This package features: On beach, resort, swimming pool, non-smoking rooms, restaurant, meeting rooms, and a business center.

Most Popular Venues/Hotels/Resorts for a Wedding

There are plenty of popular venues/hotels/resorts for a Bahamas wedding. These are three of the most popular- Nassau/Paradise Island, Grand Bahamas, and the Out Islands.

Nassau- For a great wedding, Nassau Palm Hotel would be wonderful. The hotel is located downtown Nassau.
The Atlantis Hotel on Paradise Island is a ferry ride from princess Goarges Wharf. The style is laid back. The cost of this package is one of the lowest at $104.00.
Grand Bahamas- Hotel/Resort for a Bahamas wedding is the Radisson Our Lucava resort. It has beautiful scenery and it has a casino. Even thought the style is high class there are packages starting as low as $200.00.
Out Islands-, The last popular resort/hotel to have a wonderful Bahamas wedding is at the February Point Resort. Through the summer, you can book for as little as $500.00. The style is perfect as it is remote and private.
The advantages of having a wonderful Bahamas wedding are that you will have a beautiful and memorable wedding on a great island of your choice; you can have the whole wedding taken care of and be in a beautiful location for your honeymoon.


The main downside to a Bahamas wedding is that your family might not be able to attend. Not everyone can afford to fly to the Bahamas even for a wedding. Cost may also be a factor in planning your Bahamas wedding, as some resorts are quite expensive and difficult to book.

Overall, if you choose any of the islands for your wedding you will have the time of your life and a wonderful experience. Enjoy the culture, food, and people in the Bahamas and best of all enjoy your Bahamas wedding.

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