Cancun Wedding Packages Prices

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Cancun Wedding Packages Prices

With all of the fabulous resorts in Cancun and the fact that the city is dedicated mostly to tourism, finding travel deals and all inclusive vacation packages year round is always possible.

But when is the best time to go?

Well, there’s no real “right answer because certain people will want to visit Cancun for very different reasons; a spring breaker, for example, is going to have a very different definition of “the best time to go to Cancun” than a vacationing couple celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. (Well, sometimes these two groups will get along if the party’s good enough, but… you get the idea!)

With this easy breakdown of Cancun’s weather and tourism calendar, you should be able to plan the best time of year for you and your loved ones to find special Cancun travel deals and fabulous all-inclusive vacation package at a world-class resort. There’s definitely a gorgeous getaway waiting in Cancun for every type of traveler, but this guide should give you a slightly more discerning view of when it’s time to look for the best Cancun travel packages.

Weather and Seasons

Cancun rests in the Northeast corner of the Mexican Caribbean and consists of about fourteen miles of storybook white sand beaches. The water is a vibrant blue, and the land is lush and green.

The biggest deterrent weather-wise for travelers is hurricane season. That is the one drawback of the tropics: hurricanes can get pretty violent in Cancun and would definitely render your vacation an indoor experience if you came at the wrong time.

Technically, the hurricane season runs from June until November, but the locals would narrow that down for you to late July and August as time of year with the biggest problems. Hurricanes technically could come at any time during the summer and early fall periods, but the predictable storms will usually be confined to July and August.

As far as heat, most travelers suggest going in the “cooler” seasons, but remember the cool seasons in Cancun are still hovering around 80 degrees! Most travelers will recommend going between December and February for optimal weather. However, you should know that these months are the most popular times for tourists to visit, so depending on what kind of crowd you want to vacation with, these months may not be “optimum” for you at all.

Additionally, bear in mind that these are also the most expensive times to go, and finding Cancun travel deals can be easier in the “off-season” months.

Travel Calendar

Another factor to keep in mind is the travel schedule. Spring break, in March, April and some of May is a very busy time for young travelers to visit the area. These are gorgeous times of the year to visit, since the real summer heat hasn’t begun yet, but keep in mind that the crowd will be a bit less mature than it is the rest of the season.

If you want to take advantage of the weather during this period but are looking for an adult-oriented vacation, stick to the adult-only resorts-though these usually just imply an over-18 age restriction, many of them are also not “spring break friendly” and provide sort of safe-haven during the bigger party months. Another solution is to visit the more refined and less-touristy areas of Cancun; these areas are located twenty to sixty minutes outside of the Hotel Zone, contain some of the most luxurious resorts, and usually have a bit less spring break traffic than other establishments.

Try Riu Cancun if you’re looking for a resort experience that won’t empty your bank account. For those in search of serious pampering and serious splurging, check out the Riu Palace Las Americas. Both hotels are located inside the Hotel Zone and offer great all inclusive vacation packages.

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