Caribbean Destination Wedding Packages All Inclusive

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Caribbean Destination Wedding Packages All Inclusive

Destination weddings are becoming very popular every year. Making a trip with family members and close friends to get married on an exotic location is a great way to celebrate your wedding. One of the most popular locations for this type of weddings is the Caribbean, mainly because of the exotic nature of Caribbean islands, and how easy is to travel to them.

Which are the most popular Caribbean wedding destinations? The following are, in our opinion, the top five locations on the Caribbean to celebrate a destination wedding.

  1. Aruba. The weather is perfect. It is a place that has no hurricanes, it almost never rains and temperature is around 82. You can practice almost any water sport and nightlife is great.
  2. Belize. If you want a smaller place, with more private places, Belize would be the choice. It may also be cheaper than other options.
  3. Jamaica. For some people, Jamaica is the perfect location for a destination wedding. If you like places away from the crowded tourist spots, Jamaica can be a great selection. Places like Rio Grande River,Blue Mountain or Y.S. Falls should be visited, making the trip to Jamaica a wonderful one.
  4. Take a cruise to the Caribbean. There are packages that allow you to get married on them, visiting more than one location in the Caribbean.
  5. Dominican Republic. Dominican Republic beaches are considered to be the most beautiful in the Caribbean. If you are celebrating a beach wedding, why not doing it in one of the best beaches in the world?

These are our top five locations to celebrate a destination wedding in the Caribbean. Of course there are many other locations, and any of them can be an excellent place for your wedding. But the important thing is to plan the wedding, and a wedding planner with experience in Caribbean Destination weddings is almost compulsory if you want to have an unforgettable one.

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