Natural Wedding Makeup for Brown Eyes
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Natural Wedding Makeup for Brown Eyes

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Natural Wedding Makeup for Brown Eyes

I recently had to attend a friend’s wedding. I am not a huge fan of dramatic makeup. I do not like the oodles of makeup you have to put on your face to achieve that look, and I do not like the dramatic look per se. But then again I knew that if I did not have on striking makeup, I would not photograph well. So I was facing a dilemma that I did not know how to overcome. And just like that, something my mom had told me a long time ago came to my rescue.

I used to be quite tempted by makeup in high school. I would use everything in a makeup kit. But my mom would tell me that I did not need to apply makeup on my entire face but only on those areas where it is needed. For example, if you are one of the lucky few who is blessed with flawless skin, then you can skin the foundation and concealer. Or if you have stunning eyes, there’s no need to do full eye makeup at all. The key is to keep your makeup to a minimum so the real you can shine through.

Some Makeup Suggestion to Keep You Looking Natural

You should always personally be comfortable with whatever makeup you are wearing. Your friends might wear really heavy makeup. But that does not mean you need to ape them just to fit in.

Before applying any makeup, cleanse your face. Then apply a water-based moisturizer. Now wait for five to ten minutes before getting on with your makeup.

While most makeup artists insist on foundation, you should know that it is not necessary. But if you feel you need it, then make sure that the color is as close to your skin tone as possible.

Don’t go overboard with the blush. One stroke is enough if you want to keep it natural. Go for a neutral shade that doesn’t overwhelm your face.

Lipstick is not necessary either. You can instead look much better with just some lip gloss.

When it comes to eye makeup, stick to just the mascara. But make sure you only apply a couple of coats or it will be too much. If you must use liner, use brown rather than black. This will give you a pleasant look and everyone at the party will turn their faces in your direction, for sure!

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