Best Winter Wedding Venues
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Best Winter Wedding Venues

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Best Winter Wedding Venues

Winter weddings provide the perfect setting to create a magical event for you as a couple and your wedding guests. However you should bear in mind that like any other wedding, your big day will require planning. Many of my clients often ask where to start.

The venue for your winter wedding will be high on the list. The venue will need to be well heated and create a cosy atmosphere for guests as often the winter weather will play a part in the wedding day. I tend to advise picking an indoor venue for this very reason.

Another priority will be your winter wedding dress. Flimsy dresses often worn at summer weddings are just not practical in winter. Think of petticoats and heavier velvet dresses and you cannot go far wrong. The fashion is to go for colorful dresses in deep red. This tradition started in Russia and will add a unique look to your day.

Your choice of winter wedding food will also have to reflect the climate at this time of year. Go for warming food such as chicken and mushroom pies, carrot soup and glazed hams. Your guests will certainly appreciate it! Serving mulled wine should be considered rather than the usual champagne toast.

As I hope this article has demonstrated you can really be unique at wintertime with your plans for the big day. Do not be afraid to try something different, your guest will talk about your wedding for years to come for all the right reasons!

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