Luxurious Wedding Cakes
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Luxurious Wedding Cakes

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Luxurious Wedding Cakes

Whether it’s your first, second, or tenth marriage, weddings are always special occasions in every person’s life. It’s therefore not at all surprising that you wish to give out luxurious wedding favors to immortalize the event.

Finding the best wedding favor, however, doesn’t depend on price alone. You should also make sure that your wedding favor is tasteful and ably represents your wedding theme or both of your personalities.

Think carefully when choosing what kind of favor you’ll give away on your wedding day because having no budget limits doesn’t automatically mean you won’t have to think hard about it. In fact, your work is ten times more difficult as it is because if you make the wrong choice, it’s going to be one costly mistake!

Tips and Ideas on What Makes a Luxurious Wedding Favor

Miniature Bride and Groom – Have an artist sculpt your likeness into miniatures and which you can give away on your wedding day. Be careful about the clothes you’ll choose to wear for the session!

Timepieces – Before the age of wristwatches dawned, there were pocket watches. Pocket timepieces are compact in size and come in various styles and designs. If you want to increase its value, you can either have something patterned after antique designs of timepieces previously owned by famous figures from British nobility. Or, you can have them made in 24k gold or something equally precious.

Lockets – These are also one of the few items from the past that survived the tests of time. Rather than placing your own photos however, you can just engrave a simple message of thank you on the back. That way, they don’t have to be guilty about throwing away your wedding photo just to wear the locket.

Miniature Wedding Cakes – The idea of having miniature wedding cakes was featured in Oprah once, so what’s good enough for Oprah should be good enough for the rest of the world. You can commission your pastry chef to make tiny replicas of your fabulously designed wedding cake then place them inside beautifully designed boxes.

What’s Inside the Shell – Remember the famous Faberge egg? Well, you can have something almost like that as a wedding favor. Commission an artist to design a beautiful egg container for you. It can be made of glass, gold, platinum, and even studded with semi-precious gems. Whatever works for you is fine. Inside the egg, you can place a little thank-you note as well as an edible treat.

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