Classic Wedding Ceremony Style
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Classic Wedding Ceremony Style

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Classic Wedding Ceremony Style

The classics are truly unforgettable – that’s why they’re called classics after all. Being in a traditional wedding or where everything is not modernized or altered, gives everyone the feeling of elegance and nostalgia. While some brides may opt to go for new trends when it comes to weddings – with the use of modern technology, or even bubble machines, or fireworks – the majority still chooses to have a classic wedding ceremony.

A classic wedding normally has items – from the invitation to the table set-up in pastel or floral prints. It has classic food served during the reception that is not contemporary or even themed like Japanese or Oriental food, but rather typical recipes are served. To complete a classic wedding celebration, it should also have classic wedding favors. Here are some of the well-loved classic favors of all time.

– Crystal favors – Little ornaments or decorations that can be found in specialty wedding stores are the top choice for a classic wedding appeal. Edible and practical favors are popular only during the recent years but decades ago, crystal decorations were the ultimate wedding favor as they could be prominently displayed and give the impression that jewels or stones had been given.

– Almonds – Normally coated with sugar, they represent the bitter-sweet married life. Almonds are fairly popular because they are cute when packed and not as ‘complicated’ as other wedding favors.

– Chocolate – Even in other social occasions, chocolates are given as favors because they are the epitome of all sweets and desserts.

– Candles – To symbolize hope and a brighter future with the candle lights showing the way, candles are being given as favors because they are never out of season, they are readily accessible, and they can be useful in some instances as well.

– Miniature bells – To be used when the couple enters the room and to request for them to kiss, miniature bells are being given because they are again cute, and there are no other occasion where bells are truly more fitting to use.

Packaging for these favors should be kept simple as well. Use specialty paper but with simple prints. Use pastel colored ribbons or laces and have the hang tags or mini cards only with text on them – keep it easy with the images and photos.

Weddings can be as traditional and classic as you want them to be. You can make everything just like your mom’s wedding or a wedding of a royalty. From the invitation to the wedding favors, you can do away with the ‘modern versions’ and stick to the classics.

Remember that more than the activities or the food or the gifts, what is important is that you get to share this special moment with your family and friends who are giving you their blessings and special wishes.

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