Head Table Wedding Decorations
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Head Table Wedding Decorations

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Head Table Wedding Decorations

The head table is the center of attention at every wedding and so most brides want ideas to decorate a head table. As a bridal florist and event decorator, I will share ideas with you in this article to get you thinking on how you can best feature the most important people at the wedding.

Every Head Table first needs a tablecloth and a skirt so that people are not looking at your feet while you are being toasted. This tablecloth and skirt should be a neutral color such as white or cream or silver. Your overlays can feature your theme colors such as navy blue or lime green. Make sure to ask your reception hall director if tablecloths are their responsibility, if they or you will take care of overlays and color coordinated table skirts. Get this information sorted out well ahead of the wedding so you can plan accordingly.

Since ivy means good luck in marriage, another nice touch for weddings and anniversaries is to drape the ivy on the front of the table. Ivy lends an elegant touch to any focal table. Artificial ivy is perfectly fine for this purpose although you can order live ivy garlands and other types of garlands if you are really stuck on having the fresh stuff at your wedding. If you go with artificial, just make sure to pick a high quality ivy garland that is thick, real and rich looking. Start at the center of the table and at the center of your length of ivy and pin the foliage to the tablecloth with baby pins, preferably little silver or gold ones. Pin out to each edge of the table. You can let the ivy droop as much or as little as you prefer. The most popular preference is to have a mid droop. You can do this with ivy or with an artificial floral garland. Unless you have a specific floral theme, a white rose garland with other flowers in white is usual quite elegant for the front of a focal table.

Another even fancier way to have a beautiful floral head table is to rent or purchase bouquet holders to display your wedding bouquets on the front of the table instead of just laying them on the top. Depending on the style of your wedding bouquets, this may or may not be a good idea. Bouquet holders are designed to hold bouquets created in regular slanted bouquet holders.

Decorating your head table with material and lights is also a popular way to make your head table appear magical and dreamy like. Simply use the same technique as with the ivy but start off with spreading out the lights and plugging them in to give you the exact length and placement your lights need to decorate your head table. Once your lights are spread out, find the center of your material and pinch in with the lights at back. Tie your center to the middle of your table and hold in place with a bouquet holder or banquet clips. Overtop of the material and lights, you can now pin your greenery or floral garlands.

Finally, to decorate the back of your head table if the wall at back is not pretty to look at, rent a head table backdrop curtain. These come in plain fabric or can be accented with material and lights at the top. Bows in your colors at the extremeties is another idea to feature your wedding color at your wedding head table.

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