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Mountain Wedding Ideas Decor

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Mountain Wedding Ideas Decor

For nature lovers, nothing could be more romantic than a mountain top wedding. Imagine exchanging your vows with a beautiful vista spreading out behind you. The fabulous scenery will make your wedding even more enchanting.

If you decide to hold your wedding on the top of a mountain, the first thing to consider are the practicalities. There are some mountain peaks which are state parks, and may have a casual shelter that can be rented for a nominal fee. This can be a wonderful location for a bride and groom who are on a budget, because you will save thousands on the venue rental charge. Amenities are likely to be bare bones, however, so make sure that you are comfortable with more rustic accommodations (particularly the rest rooms).

Some mountains, such as those at ski resorts, may have more formal restaurants or fully-equipped lodges at the top. You could have your ceremony outside, and then follow up with an indoor reception. This would be particularly nice for a summer wedding. During the winter months, you will probably want to have the whole event inside.

Transportation is one of the biggest issues to be resolved for a mountain top marriage. Some of the most spectacular views are only accessible by foot. If all of your guests are going to be young, able-bodies types, a short hike might not pose a problem (emphasis on short!). But if you want your grandma to come to the ceremony, such a location would be impractical. There are some mountain peaks which can be accessed by a road, and of course, a ski resort may have a gondola.

For an outdoor mountain top wedding, plan carefully for your food and decorations. I once saw some folks trying to set up an arbor with tulle at the top of a mountain (which reminds me – some of these sites will be open to the public during your wedding – be certain that you are okay with that); the wind was so gusty that everything kept blowing away from them. Another consideration is what type of kitchen and refrigeration (if any) will be available. If the bride and groom have a strong connection to a special spot that has no amenities, they would be wise to hold only the marriage service there, and find a more suitable site for the reception.

A casual mountain wedding calls for equally relaxed attire. The bride would look perfect in a simple a-line gown in a matte fabric, such as linen, or embroidered organza. Handmade wedding jewelry featuring natural elements like keshi pearls would be the ideal finishing touch. If the location is a fancier one, such as an elegant restaurant at a resort, then the bride might prefer a dressier bridal gown, such as a strapless mikado silk number. Accent it with cultured pearl and Swarovski crystal handmade wedding jewelry for a polished look.

One last word of advice: often couples are tempted to conclude a mountain top marriage ceremony by releasing a pair of butterflies or a box of butterflies. Resist this idea; although it is a romantic symbol in theory, the reality is that you will be responsible for the untimely demise of those poor creatures. Someone I know was a witness to a pair of doves at the conclusion of a service at a ski resort; the first bird was smashed into the cliff by a gust of wind, and the second was eaten by a hawk, as the horrified guests looked on. Not exactly the symbolism the newlyweds were hoping for!

Some of the most beautiful backdrops in all the world can be found on mountain peaks. For a nature-loving bride and groom, the majesty of this setting provides the perfect location for their marriage. Once you have handled the practical concerns, you may find that a mountain top is the ideal site to start your new life together.

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