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Church Wedding Decorations

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Church Wedding Decorations

Having a church wedding mostly entails doing a traditional ceremony and theme. Being traditional is not a reason for the event to be drab. Weddings are one of the happiest and memorable times for the bride and groom and for the guests as well. With the proper church wedding decorations, the wedding will be a solemn affair and at the same festive.


Before anything else, know the restrictions of the church of your choice. Consult with the minister or church patrons on what are allowed and not. And since you are already there, take a moment to browse through previous wedding pictures held at that church to get some ideas for your own wedding decorations.


Next on the plan is to choose the theme of the wedding or the color motif. The motif will be the center of your wedding decorations. It gives the event some style and provides great pictures because of its color coordination. Also, brings some order to the event. Themes all depend on whatever you like, be it a fairy tale theme or beach, or even an Asian theme wedding. Mostly, couples go for an all white motif which looks well in the photographs especially when the sun is brightly shining on that special day.

Knowing what may be the weather condition on your wedding day will help you decide on the materials to be use for the decorations. Saying your vows on an autumn day will give you more flower choices for everything is in bloom and that shades of gold. No matter what the weather be, it will be made good as you exchange your love.

When decorating inside the church, consider the entrance, aisle, church pews, and altar space.


For daylight weddings, beautify the hand rails of the stairs with some tulle of the same color with the motif and some flowers. Then if the wedding is at night, candles and fairy light on the church door add more effect.


On the church aisle, the bride conventionally walks on a carpet. Another idea though is to scatter colored-motif flower petals for the bride to walk upon. Although there are some weddings that combine the two, where the entourage walk on the scattered-petal aisle and when the bride comes, a carpet is rolled then flower girl/s will scatter the petals ahead.

Instead of petals, sea shells and sand can be used to decorate the aisle on any beach-themed wedding. Be sure to check first with the minister and church elders before going with this idea.

For other weddings, candles are placed on the aisle’s sides.

Church Pews

If money is not an issue, fresh flower bouquets on a pillar place at every pew can be very lovely. You can have tulle to connect every other pew then tying it with one large satin bow can be an alternative if the budget is small.


Know the areas where the minister needs to move around while conducting the ceremony in order to position the flowers and other decors properly in such a way that it would not hinder the minister and knock them down. Set a space also for the photographer that would enable him/her to capture the moments perfectly.

The altar will be the focus of all the guests so make it the central part of the decor. Have the biggest flower arrangement, decked on an arch or not, situated in front. But be certain you will not be eclipsed by it for is still your wedding.

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