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Wedding Shoes Flats

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Wedding Shoes Flats

Years ago, many women thought that flat wedding shoes would not be perfect for their special day. This fashion was considered boring and out of fashion. But it is quite different now since there are lots of flat shoes in the market that are stylish and comfortable at the same time.

Why do most brides prefer flat bridal shoes? The best explanation is because they find flat shoes more comfortable to wear especially during a wedding where they are required to stand up longer.

Below are some things you need to remember when shopping for the perfect pair of flat bridal shoes:

Designs and Fabrics – You will need to determine the type of wedding you want. Certainly, your wedding gown and wedding shoes should always match the theme of your wedding. If you are worried that people might laugh seeing you wearing flat shoes, then don’t. You can look for strappy and sexy sandals to match your wedding dress. It can either have rhinestones, beads or laces depending on the wedding gown you are going to wear. Check the bottom of the gown. For instance, if the gown has laces then consider lacy flats.
Color – The general rule is to always choose wedding shoes that are of the same color or a bit darker than your dress. Avoid choosing bridal shoes that are brighter than you gown.
Length of the Wedding Gown – If you are going to wear a long wedding gown, then you might want to consider buying two pairs of wedding shoes, one that is flat and a high-heeled.
Additional Tips:

1. Where to shop for flat wedding shoes?

Boutiques – There are lots of malls and shops you can check out. There are even well-known designers producing flat shoes for weddings.
Online – If you don’t like to shop around and visit boutiques personally, you can find websites that offer wedding needs such as wedding shoes.
2. You can ask friends and family members for suggestions and recommendations. You can also ask them to help you design your own wedding shoes. You can even purchase simple flip-flop shoes and design them to your own liking. You can add stones and laces to make it more elegant and stylish. All you need is pure imagination and creativeness.

3. Last but not the least, make sure to wear your shoes at home to help you get used to them. It is also best to bring your flats to your final gown fitting. Just like your wedding dress, you might also need to make some changes or adjustments before your big day.

With these tips in mind, you will find the task of looking for the perfect flat wedding shoes easier than you expected. Keep in mind that flat shoes are also perfect for special occasions such as your own wedding day. You just need to be creative to come up with a fashionable solution.

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