Fairytale Wedding theme
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Fairytale Wedding Theme

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Fairytale Wedding Theme

A wedding is a special for most women where they can look their best and feel their best. While there are many different themes one can choose from for her wedding, a fairytale wedding theme appeals to those who wants their own happily ever after and feel like a princess for a day. If you want a fairytale theme for your upcoming wedding, here are some ideas that you can incorporate so that your special event will make you and your guests feel like royalty.

Nothing shouts out ‘It’s a fairytale themed wedding’ more than scroll invitations. The design and the rustic paper used are those that are used in fairytale stories and real-life royal events from the medieval years. Use script font to truly emulate the feel of a medieval fairytale wedding.

As with fairytale weddings from storybooks, you can choose either ballroom reception venues or a garden wedding. If your budget would allow it, you can use or rent mansions in your area for that grandeur. What’s best is that some mansions have large spiral staircases that the bride and groom can use for that grand entrance. But no matter where your venue is, you can still exude that fairytale theme by decorating your venue with red roses, ribbons and bows that is reflective of a royal setting. Have an ice sculpture in the center of the buffet table and a tall cake that is topped with crystal decor or a castle figurine. Choose a pastel color motif to exude the soft appeal of your theme.

A fairytale wedding bride should wear a grand ball gown and can wear a tiara or pearl necklace for that classic royal and princess-like look. The groom on the other hand can wear a black tuxedo and jacket for that princely appeal. The bridesmaids and groomsmen can wear formal attire from medieval times to complete the effect. Costume shops can help with these wedding outfits.

The wedding favors can be edible, practical, or decorative. But no matter which one you use, the favors should be shaped like a crown, castle, a carriage, or a pumpkin. Any image of symbolism that can remind your guests of your fairytale wedding would be best.

You can rent a horse drawn carriage as your bridal car. Do not forget to decorate the carriage with flowers, particularly roses, and put laces and ribbons around it as well. If your chosen venue does not have a water fountain, there are water fountains and other water effects that you can rent to place in your wedding venue.

Having a fairytale wedding does not require a king’s budget. With a little creativity and practical tips, you can welcome your family and friends to a fairytale wedding and make your wishes of a happily ever after come true. This is the best time to feel like a princess, act like a princess, and most of all, be treated like a princess. Getting married to your prince charming and having a fairytale theme can make you feel special and royal every step of the way.

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