Renaissance Wedding Dress
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Renaissance Wedding Dress

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Renaissance Wedding Dress

Every woman wants the most memorable and romantic wedding possible. There is one wedding gown that makes this possible to do with very little effort. The distinct look of a renaissance wedding dress sets it apart from other styles. These gowns are a reminder of the plays of Shakespeare or the royal courts of centuries ago. These bridal dresses are usually found in white and cream colors. Vintage Wedding Dress

Women begin their wedding plans as young girls when they dream of having the perfect fairytale event. Few weddings ever live up to the vivid expectations of a wide eyed child, but you can still have the ceremony of your dream thanks to Renaissance style wedding dresses. These gowns you to go back to the plans you had a little girl, and bring them to life. Mermaid Wedding Dress

This old world style is a very distinguishable type of attire. No other type of dress can match the elegance this type of dress inspires. Although it does vary depending on the designer, each one still holds true to the basic design elements that make it a renaissance piece. Wedding Dresses Ball Gown

Although it is possible to find them sleeveless, the romanticized version has long sleeves that end with a flare about the wrists. This slender styled dress fits tight on the upper torso and along the waistline. The bodice is eloquently decorated with tiny silk flowers and intricate bead work. More times than not the color is ivory white or light cream. There have been versions found that were hunter green or royal purple. Wedding Dresses Lace Open Back Elegant

The low hung front is done in a tasteful manner. The back of the gown can be either open back or be closed and topped with an upturned tiny collar. When the back of the gown is low it is always done tastefully. Some brides will also pick lace backed dresses or tied lattice work.

The over drape will attach to the gown at the sides and will continue into a lavish train to follow in the steps of the bride. The over drape can be made of a silver metallic mesh or a gorgeous silk organza. Other decoration may include shimmer sparkle and a network of fine beads that add a special beauty of the gown.

Whether your dream is reminiscent of Romeo and Juliet or a remake of a royal wedding, you will no doubt make the right choice walking down the aisle in a stunning and truly inspired gown. You will find choosing from the different styles available in Renaissance wedding dresses to be a real pleasure which will heighten the romance of your story book wedding.

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