Beach Wedding Ceremony Sunset
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Beach Wedding Ceremony Sunset

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Beach Wedding Ceremony Sunset

Best Times for a Beach Wedding

When is the best time for a beach wedding? This is a very common question among couples who are planning to celebrate their special day on a beach. Well, basically, the answer depends on your budget, on your schedule and of course, on your needs. Listed below are some of the best times for a beach wedding together with their pros and cons. Wedding Ceremony Decorations Outdoor Altars


Pros: There is a little chance of rain and so, you will not need to worry about the weather. You can schedule the ceremony any time of the day and your guests will surely enjoy the environment. Some of them can go surfing or swimming while waiting for the event or after the event. There is a little chance of big waves, which can be dangerous to kids. Wedding Venues California Beach

Cons: The weather might be hot and thus, kids might not feel comfortable. The venue must also have a cover so that the guests will not be sunburned.

Morning (around 8-10am):

Pros: You can have more privacy because there are lesser people on the beach. Also, within this period, you can still enjoy the cool breeze and for sure, your guests will be amazed with the color of the water. Moreover, you have a longer period for the event. You don’t have to rush because you have lots of time before lunchtime. And lastly, early morning has this natural light which can make the pictures perfect. Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Gazebo

Cons: You and your guests will have to wake up very early so that you will not be late for the event. If you are far from the venue, you have to sleep early the day before so that you will wake up early.

Sunset (around 4-6pm):

Pros: The weather is cool and the guests will surely love the cool breeze. The sunset makes the venue more romantic and it also a great choice to take pictures during this period.

Cons: You don’t have all the time for the ceremony. You have to go straight to the point and you should not be late because your time is limited. You have to end the ceremony immediately so that you can take pictures before it gets totally dark.

These are just suggestions on when you should have your beach wedding. Make sure to consider your guests and your schedule when planning when to have your wedding. This way, you can be sure that everything will go smoothly.

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